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Terms & Conditions

Food is not included in the ticket fares. Meal coupons may be purchased in the purser's office on board. Breakfast and meals are served in the ship's dinning rooms. Beverages and/or snacks are served in the bars. A self-service restaurant on board is at the passengers’ disposal.

a) Bicycles b) Dogs or cats. Passengers accompanying pets are responsible for them throughout the trip and should provide for their feeding and care. Pets should be kept under strap at any time. Pets are placed in special kennels and are not allowed in cabins and/or public rooms.

Time validity of open date tickets does not extend further than the published departure’ schedule of the year of issue.Open date ticket holders are responsible to reserve well in advance for accommodation or carspace specifically during July, August and September. Open date ticket holders when reserving their trip must ensure their reservation is made for the tariff period and itinerary (night or morning) their ticket was issued for. Otherwise they will be asked to pay the price-difference at the respective embarkation office. Open date tickets are not refundable in the port offices. Only the issuing offices may refund such tickets.

issued for night departures may be changed into morning departures but the price difference is not refundable.

Any changes effected on departure dates and/or cancellation notices must be in writing on the tickets bearing the stamp of the office effecting such changes and/or cancellations.

Passengers with fixed departure date tickets that wish to cancel their reservations should notify FRAGLINE or its Agents accordingly. Then cancellation fees will be charged by FRAGLINE as it follows: a) 8 - 29 days 30% 1 - 7 days 50%; b) Cancellation notices received in 24 hours or less before departure deprive passengers from the right to refund except in cases of accidents or "force majeure" officially verified.

If a passenger reports the loss of his ticket (through theft or mere loss) immediate advice must be given to the Head Office of the Company with details of the tickets gone astray or at least the name and address of the issuing office, names of passengers recorded on the tickets and date of purchase. Refund will only be made if tickets are found unutilized upon completion of the year - end checking. Duplicate tickets will not be issued without payment.

The company will do, its utmost to retain everything printed in this brochure unchanged, however it reserves the right to effect changes in timings, departure schedules and prices without prior warning.

Passengers with fixed date tickets MUST REPORT AT THE EMBARKATION OFFICE AT LEAST 2 HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME (as printed in the itineraries section and/or the passengers’ tickets). FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF BOOKED SPACE TO WAITING LIST PASSENGERS. No commitment may be undertaken for late comers on subsequent departures, such cases will be examined on the basis of space availability.

Reservations can be made through Hellas Ferries center by e-mail info@hellasferries.gr, by fax +30 2103315907, or by phone +303315905-06
According to EU Directive 98/41, the Presidential Decree 2399 of the Greek State and the Solas International Directive, to make a reservation it is imperative to provide the company with the following details:
A: For European Union nationals:
1. Family name - First Name - Sex - Age description (adult child baby)
2. Vehicle type – Plate number
B: For non- European Union nationals the following details are also required:
Nationality - Date of birth and Passport number.
Passengers are kindly requested to acknowledge this information during reservation. It is recommended that passengers with special needs declare same upon reservation.


Home | Routes & Timetables | Prices | Terms-Conditions | C/F Ouranos | Embarkation | Book Online

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