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General Conditions of Carriage

Passengers, their luggage and vehicles are carried subject to the VENTOURIS FERRIES General Conditions of Carriage.

Children to 4 years of age travel free if they do not occupy a bed or berth. Children 4-12 years of age travel at 50% discount on the regular fare.

Students Travel at 20% discount on the regular fare in the following categories: AB, B, BB, S, Y in the line Italy Greece and in the following categories DCK, ATS, AA3 in Italy-Albania line.
Members of AUTOMOBILE CLUBS travel at 10% discount on the regular fare and on accompanied vehicle rate.
Members of an Embassy / NATO / E.E.C. and their relatives travel at 20% discount and on accompanied vehicle rates.
The inbound discount is granted regardless of which port of return is selected. Consult your travel agent for special group rates.

ATTENTION: Discounts are not cumulative.


Passengers with confirmed reservation must report at the office of Port Agencies at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Check – in closes 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. VENTOURIS FERRIES holds the right to cancel the booking after closing of check – in , in which case no refund will be due. Anyone travelling with a trailer or camper has to check – in 3 hours prior to departure, Any delay of a camper might prevent it form being loaded at the open deck. All passengers must present valid travel documents.


Open return tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. Passengers holding open return tickets should confirm their return at least one week before the date o sailing to the Port Agents or to the VENTOURIS FERRIES. VENTOURIS FERRIES cannot guarantee reservation for failure to transport passengers. Furthermore, the return fare will be in accordance with the time period during which the passenger is traveling, and any difference with the prepaid fare shall be paid at the port where the passenger presents himself.


Cancellations must be made through General Sales Agents, Port Agent or VENTOURIS FERRIES. As soon as a passenger, holding tickets with s fixed date of departure, and gives notice of his intention not to travel, the following percentage of the full fare:

  • From ticket issue date until 30 days prior departure, 100%
  • From 30 days to 48 hours prior the departure 80%
  • From 48 to 24 hours prior the departure, 50%
  • Less that 24 hours prior to departure, VENTOURIS FERRIES bears no obligation to return the value of the ticket.

REFUNDS can only be made by the agent who issued the ticket.

In the event of ticket loss, the passenger must notify the issuing Agent or VENTOURIS FERRIES immediately. In this case a new ticket is issued with burdening of the passenger. Refund will be made when the 12 months ticket validity expired and is completely unused.

ATTENTION: Tickets are valid for one year from their date is issued and only for the port quoted on the ticket.

If the passenger refuse to disembark at the in – between port of his destination, then the passenger must pay the difference of the fare and any possible burdening.

VENTOURIS FERRIES is entitled to retain the total value of the ticket if the passenger interrupts his voyage at an in-between port, unless the interruption is due to illness, accident or force majeure.


  • Breakfast, meal and dinner are not included in the tickets prices.
  • Exclusive occupancy of cabin carries a 50% surcharge for each bed not used.
  • Past travel free and are not allowed in the cabins, restaurant and bars of the vessel.
  • For safety reasons, cooking and the use of gas or fire by passengers camping on board is strictly forbidden.
  • VENTOURIS FERRIES bears no responsibility for the loss of luggage, money or valuables. Money or valuables can be handed in at the ship’s Purser’s Office for safe keeping.

VENTOURIS FERRIES is committed to making every effort to adhere strictly to its schedule. However, in the event pf fuel price increases, currency fluctuations or other unforeseen circumstances, VENTOURIS FERRIES reserves the right to change departure time and fare rates without prior notice.


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