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Anek Line Ferries Greece-Italy line Terms and Conditions


According to EU Directive 98/41, the Presidential Decree 2399 of the Greek State and the Solas International Directive, to make a reservation it is imperative to provide the company with the following details:
A: For European Union nationals:
1. Family name - First Name - Sex - Age description (adult child baby)
2. Vehicle type - Number plate
B: For non- European Union nationals the following details are also required: Nationality - Date of birth and Passport number.

Check-in Procedure
Boarding starts 3 hours prior to departure. Passengers must check in at the port agencies at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. After that, ANEK LINES reserve the right to cancel the reservation without giving any fare refund. All passengers must have the necessary valid travel documents with them. The company reserves the right not to allow a passenger board the ship in case they do not have the necessary travel documents.

Children up to 4 years old not entitled to a bed, travel free and it is imperative to reserve and buy a zero price ticket. Children up to 4 years old entitled to a bed get a 50% discount. Children from 4 to 12 years of age are entitled to a 50% discount in all classes. Children that travel in cabins must be accompanied by an adult paying full fare.

Pets travel free in a specially designated area. It is prohibited to have pets in the cabins, the restaurants, the bars and all inside common areas. They must always be accompanied by a recently updated health book.

Camping On Board
Passengers taking a caravan or camper with them must check in at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Delayed arrival of the camper may not allow its owners to take it on board the open deck. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use liquid gas or other fuels during the journey.

Useful Information
Each cabin can be used as a 2-bed, 3-bed or
4- bed cabin, according to the number of passengers who use it and not the number of beds.
Passengers can use all common areas of the ships freely. It is prohibited to use the inside common areas of the ships (lounges, corridors, bars) to sleep or eat. Passengers must abide by the instructions of the staff regarding observance of safety rules and good operation of the ship. In case of dispute regarding these conditions of carriage, the dispute shall be resolved according to Greek Law, and the competent authority shall be the Court of Chania, Crete.

Single-Bed Cabins
In case of reservation of a two-bed cabin for exclusive use, 50% of the price of the second bed is payable.

Luggage can remain in the cars during the journey. Passengers are kindly requested to take with them only necessary luggage. ANEK LINES cannot be held responsible for loss of money or valuables that were forgotten in the cabins or in the common areas of the ship.

For cancellations that the ticket issuing offices and ANEK LINES have been informed of, fares are refunded as follows:
For cancellations made between the reservation date and 30 days prior to departure, the full fare is refunded. For cancellations between 29 days and up to 7 days prior to departure, 80% of the fare is refunded. For cancellations between 6 days and 24 hours prior to departure, 50% of the fare is refunded. For cancellations made 24 hours prior to departure or if the passenger does not show up for boarding, ANEK LINES is under no obligation to give a refund. Tickets may be cancelled or changed at the competent port offices and at the central ticket offices of ANEK LINES. Refunds are given only by the offices that issued the ticket upon approval by the company.

Loss of Tickets
In case of ticket loss, the issuing agent or ANEK LINES must be notified immediately. The cost of a new ticket is borne by the passenger, and a refund for the lost ticket is given only by the issuing agent at the end of the year, after verifying that it has not been used.

Open Tickets
Passengers with open tickets must make their reservation in good time. The return ticket is calculated on the basis of the lowest season fare and, in case the passenger wishes to travel during the middle or high season, he/she must buy a supplement covering the difference. The company cannot be held liable if the desired class is not available. In case an open ticket has not been used, the passenger is entitled to a refund of the fare only by the issuing ticket office. The boarding offices do not have the right to give ticket refunds for any reason. Open tickets are valid for one calendar year from the date of issue. In case the ticket price list in force has been modified during the use of the open ticket, the passengers shall pay the difference.

Timetable - Fares - Discounts
As arrival time is stated the time that the ship approaches the port entrance. For possible delays due to third persons liabilities or special weather conditions, the company holds no responsibility. Fare prices are inclusive of sea carriage and harbour fees. Meals and drinks are not included in the price of the fare. ANEK LINES reserve the right to modify the timetable or the fares without any prior notification in case of unexpected events or a rise in fuel price. Tickets are personal and not transferable. The discount on return tickets (25% Domestic lines, 30% International lines) is applicable only when issuing both legs of a return ticket at the same time. Passengers must state any special discount they are entitled to prior to the issue of the ticket. After the journey, no fare is refunded. Special discounts-offers are not cumulative. Groups, coaches and non-accompanied vehicles are subject to negotiable prices.

Currency - Credit Cards
All major credit cards (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, DINERS, MASTERCARD), are accepted at the shops and the a la carte restaurants on board. When using credit cards, it is imperative to show your ID card or passport.

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